Green Laundry Soap Flakes

  • Green Laundry Soap Flakes

Green laundry soap flakes like laundry soap are made from pomace oil (the oil extracted from the pit and skin of the olive) with a controlled amount of extra alkaline. This makes it more effective for washing clothes. The flakes can be dissolved in water in order to make a natural soap solution.

Making the solution:
Dissolve approximately 125gr of green laundry soap flakes in 1 lt of warm
 water. You can store the solution for future use. After some time (especially in cold conditions) it may become viscous. In this case you can add water and stir until it reaches the desired viscosity.


  • Ideal for clothes handwash.
  • You can also produce your own natural laundry detergent. You may find various recipes for this purpose on the internet.

Natural product, contains no additives, biodegradable, 

Green Laundry Soap Flakes

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